Pre-assembly tools reworked
Pre-assembly tools reworked
SERTO has been selling not just unions for many years, but also the compatible pre-assembly tools.

For smaller diameters up to 10 mm the pneumatic device SERTOtool is recommended; for larger diameters (up to 35 mm!) the electro-hydraulic device SERTOmatic. The pressing operation of both devices has now been technically revised and we have created an easy-to-follow film documentation.
Due to diverse modifications in our product range, we have had to make adaptations to our reliable pre-assembly tools SERTOtool and SERTOmatic. The handling features were also looked at in greater detail, which led to a few improvements.

The SERTOtool device is operated with compressed air and can be set up practically anywhere thanks to its small size and low weight. Each device has a rotatable tool insert, adapted to the respective material (brass M, Inox, Inox SOL, etc.) and mix-ups are not permitted. A detailed overview is enclosed.
The most obvious improvement is the built-in pneumatic time interval. This prevents the operator from pulling back the control lever too soon during the pressing process, which has led to incorrect pressing in the past. From now on, the lever is blocked in the front position for a short duration, thus ensuring optimal pre-assembly.
Other minor modifications were made to the tool inserts and the forming pins.

For larger diameters, we offer the SERTOmatic pre-assembly tool. It is equipped with an electro- hydraulic pump and can take pressures up to 700 bar and deformation forces of up to 10 tons. This renders the device ideal for unions up to size 35 mm. Transportation of the SERTOmatic is limited, but it can be used wherever there is a power connection.
Diverse tool inserts, which are compatible with our product lines, are available for the base unit. Because of the different geometries, every material and every tube diameter requires its own tool insert (see overview in the enclosed).
The most important modification is the centering lever at the end of the carrier; this is used to position the nut and compression ferrule correctly after inserting the tube union. This prevents the pressing bolt from entering at a slant and prevents the individual parts from becoming damaged or jammed.
>> Documentation pre-assembly tools reworked (PDF 80KB)
>> Overview pre-assembly tools (PFD 53KB)
SERTO-video pre-assembly tools
In cooperation with a experienced partner, we have created a film documentation, available in two different versions. The somewhat longer version focuses on the correct handling of the devices. The second version (see below) is a bit shorter and limited to a simple demonstration and the most important sales arguments.
Both versions are available as a WMV file with a lower resolution and as a high-resolution DVD for a small fee to cover costs. Both films have subtitles in German /English / French / Italian / Dutch.
>> SERTO-Video pre-assembly tools english (.wmv 6MB)  

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