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For designers of complex installations a dream is in the process of coming true: standard components can be integrated in a finished condition into a 3D drawing. The common practice to date was that C parts, e.g. tube unions, had to be drawn in the proprietary CAD system. This drawing was filed in the proprietary library where it remained at the disposal of the designer ready for use.

A lot of valuable time, e.g. which could have been used for innovative creativity, was lost because of the need to perform this routine work - aggravating to the designer who is increasingly under pressure to render products available in ever shorter cycles (time to market). Quite apart from the costs which frequently exceed the value of the C parts by far.

That would not pose a problem if there were such a thing as a market leader in CAD application programs such as Windows Office in office applications. However, more than 50 different CAD programs are roaming around on the market. There is no common, fully compatible interface. Hence, a loss of data can be incurred if the drawing is not imported into the drawing in the precisely correct manner. The consequence is reworking and therewith a further loss of time.

Radially releasable SERTO clamping ring fittings are the ideal solution where constricted space conditions are encountered. This clever solution translates into a win for the designer, because SERTO solves the problem in two different ways: One takes the form of a CD containing all drawings of the SERTO clamping ring fittings, as well as a few output formats. It is only necessary to purchase the interface which has been custom tailored to the userís CAD software.

But then there is the clearly more elegant solution: downloading the drawing via e-mail. Hereís how it works: All you have to do is to click this link. Make any desired language changes and then click the 'ok' button. Click the CAD-Format/setup box and select the appropriate values for your CAD system. Click the 'enter' button to save your settings. Search for the desired part using the Partserver screen instruction. Once you have found it, simply order it via e-mail. The reply - in the form of the desired drawing - is sent to your e-mail mailbox (note: weekend requests are sent on the next business day).

And the best part of it all: This Serto service is free of charge.

The Serto Cad-library program is also included on Maryland Metrics - Serto CDrom which includes both catalog and CAD cata.

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